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TCR: Guestbook

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William Everts

February 10, 2016

Saw you at the Ramsey unit. Awesome. Love your sound.

TCR: Thanks, were enjoyed being there and playing for you guys...


May 13, 2015

really enjoy your music god bless

Ramazan Recber

October 25, 2014

My name is Ramazan Recber
I live in Adana Turkey
Your website very beautiful...
I am waiting my website...
Thank you...

Thank you for visiting our website Ramazan

Jeb Adame

June 25, 2014

Nice talking with you. I look forward to doing a show with you in the future.

Hartmut Moewius

May 13, 2012

Hell, where have you been over all the years?
However; today somebody was posting a track from your second album on Facebook.
I couldn't trust my eyes!!
TCR recorded a second album? Hell! Love your debut that much.... it's an awesome piece of good clean rockin fun! This album is to good to be true...
Everything's perfect. The songs are awesome, the production is on a level high above many other recordings; percussion, vocals, guitars...THE GROOVE!
Just listened it again on Ten! It hits me Hard as a Rock!
OK guys, hope you're doin fine and let me tell ya only; i'll order "Stand" soon as possible and my expectations are huge........
Have a drink on you! Cheers

Sylvia Lara Withrow

March 20, 2012

Hi Jamie!!! Here's wishing you & the band all the best & may God continue to bless the band, family & friends.

PS I hope to see the band play so please don't give up on me :)

Joy Boatman

February 25, 2012

Great sound.

Thanks...the band appreciates it!!!!

PJ Black

November 26, 2011

Found your site through a friend of a friend on FB. Here in Bucks County, PA we are a wee bit musically stifled. Too much talk. Too much rap. Too much crap. To my untrained ear, I get a blend of ZZ Top, Robert Cray, a little Carlos Santana, and Marshall Tucker - can't go wrong if you have a sound like those guys. Good luck with the new CD, it's now on my Christmas wish list.

Thanks PJ, the band appreciates your thoughts on our music. We'll put in a good word to Santa for

Glenn McGee

November 16, 2011

Hello Michael and Aubry and band,

Remember me? I used to play in the group One Spirit years ago. I am now in Duncan, OK pastoring/Praise and Worship leader. I spoke to Marilyn Hamilton today and she told me about the group. Glad you are all still singing for the Lord. I like the songs you are doing; good rock and roll for Jesus. God bless you all-stay in the Word.
Glenn McGee


October 25, 2011

Just came across your site and music. Kick butt, baby!!

Don't know exactly what genre I'd put this in myself, but that part doesn't matter a bit, as it's just good stuff!

Keep on rockin'

Didn't think anyone used guestbooks anymore. :)

Steve Simpson

October 19, 2011

Guest of old(real old) high school buddy Tommy!


May 29, 2011

Great Band ! with hard hitting southern rock guitar riff's
Vocals & Lyrics awsome
Look-n forward to hearing your next music project in 2011


May 6, 2011

Thank you, very interesting site.


April 19, 2011


mike kerr

February 11, 2011

Hey Guys
Thanks for honoring Zeke and Kerry at the funeral last night. I know it ment alot to Zeke to see you guys their. It was great just seeing you. I would like to bring my Daughter Leanne to come and see you guys play. Please let me know the next time there is a concert. My our Lord lead - guide and direct you. You are a blessing to all of us. You always have and always will be.

Brian Smith

January 14, 2011

I listen to your music on 89.7 KACC.
I like it. It sounds like the old Marshall Tucker to me.
I write songs. An old friend told me to look you up.
His name is Ken Wegner and is presently a visitor in Huntsville.
Woul love to see if you guys are interested in any of my writing.
I have some religious, protest, waht are we doing here poems and verse.
I have a My Space and Facebook

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November 13, 2010

Great posts, especially this one thank you! :-)


October 3, 2010

Hi, glad to visit you..

Hi Greghor, Thanks for the visit!!!

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October 3, 2010

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Joel taylor

August 19, 2010

Great web site, I followed your group back when you were called One Spirit,I was sitting at my puter lost in the wilderness and started thinking about some of the great former christian/ Rock groups I loved to listen to and Yall were the first group that came to my mind. Good friends Cathy and Brian Nichols took me to one of your shows and i was hooked. I am so glad that you are still doing what you love! God is real and so are Yall! Be Well Joel

April 30, 2010

Hi James,
Where are you guys playing next? Pat, Charles, Angela, Roger, and the rest of your family would love to hear you praise Jesus through your voice and guitar. We miss you.. :)


April 28, 2010

ohhohoho~~ it's very bombardning best.


March 19, 2010

Thanks so much! I've looked everywhere for this! You're amazing!

Frank Durham

March 15, 2010

WOW!! You guys rock!! I miss the style of music you play, being 45 it brings back memeories....thank God for KACC as they play your music often, but cant enough!! Looking forward to a new schedule being posted on your awesome site so i can finally see you LIVE. Hope you guys keep rockin in the future....

D Ahart

September 22, 2009

Hey guys, The photos look good. How are you all?


August 20, 2009

Nice site!
Good Luck!


August 7, 2009

Cool site!! Love you guys! KEEP ROCKIN!!


July 27, 2009

The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you


July 10, 2009

Great Website!

Sylvia Lara Withrow

July 1, 2009

Hey Jamie :)
Just found your website and it is awesome. I'm trying to verify where you and the band will be playing tonight, I'd love to stop by for a while and see ya.
Take care, keep on strummin' & May God continue to bless you, the guys in the band and your families.
Smiley '76

June 15, 2009

perfect design thanks


June 9, 2009

I'm happy very good site

Marilyn Hamilton

May 31, 2009

Good jog with website. Wayne & I say Hello.


May 2, 2009

Cool site goodluck :)


April 25, 2009

good material thanks

Estella Davis

November 24, 2008

You guys rock for Jesus. We enjoy having you with us in the prison units. They love all of you!

Less Than The Least Ministries
The Powder Puffs


November 11, 2008

Found ya! Kevin sent me your link. Rhonda and I have been wondering what you guys are up to.
Nice samples!

BO Richards

November 8, 2008

Guys I will Highly Recomend yall as an Awesome Live Show. Was So nice to See 5 guys Play with So much Heart and Fun . Was A Great Time ya got a Fan For Life . Keep Rockin , BO 89.7 Kacc

Aaron Ffrench

November 8, 2008

Hi Michael (& band)!!

Great live cast... Jenn, Sarah-Grace and I enjoyed the good music!!

Take care,

Paula Guidry

November 7, 2008

Hi there! I will be interviewing you at KACC live and am very excited. I have been listening to your CD and I am a dedicated fan. Look forward to tomorrow!