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Ever since my first progressive Christian album, Barry McGuire's "Lighten Up' in 1975, I have been searching for God's musicians that fiercely sing the truth with a 'crank it up' sound that makes the spirit and body both edified. Well folks, here is the real deal! Fans of Southern Boogie bands like the 'A' Brothers, 'Ly Sky', and even another of my favorite Texas groups 'Point Blank' will be blessed and rocked after hearing these fellows work out. It would take one heart, one mind, and one spirit to lay down these tracks. These guys have it. They have been there (in prayer) and done that (witnessed the risen Lord Jesus Christ). I play this one when I'm cleanin'up the scoot in the garage.

Be sure to turn it up past the 'sissie' mark' on the volume knob
Rev Bob Otey - CD BABY (Aug 10, 2006)
I am always happy when I receive new material that, in a musical sense, belongs to the psychology of “Southern Rock”. The Texas City Revelators are exactly that kind of band – “real” faces that spread the passion of southern rock, blues rock and the rock that we know from the 70’s. And we could say that they know the aforementioned genres “inside and out”. All of those who are fans of the music of the Allman Brothers Band, Lynard Skynard, ZZ Top, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Henry Paul Band…well, anyway, the band, previously known as One Spirit, also released their album “Battle” in the year 2000.

The Texas City Revelators are very experienced musicians and when you hear the first beats of their album it becomes clear that there are no secrets left for them to learn. The album has 12 tunes that are pure southern rock and blues rock; but there is also something that is typically of an American inheritance – and that is gospel.

The Texas City Revelators are vocally convincing, productionally modern and instrumentally animated. If you ever get a chance to listen to their material do not let it pass you by! They are an excellent band. Their music in delivery and, above all vitality, spreads their passion of real “outlaw” and rock value.

The Texas City Revelators are icons in and of themselves.
Bane Lokner - Bosnian Radio (May 29, 2004)
"The small Texas city the Band is named after, became infamous in 1947 because of the largest industrial accident in the history of mankind, known as the ´Great Texas City Disaster`. However, since 2004, the ´Texas City Revelators are doing their best to improve the image of the City through their music. The first and up-to-now, sole album of the Band was produced by the legendary producer, Sam Taylor (ZZ-Top and others); for this reason, there is nothing to criticize on the Sound, it is nearly perfect. All of the band members participated in the songwriting, thereby contributing to twelve well-above-average pieces that are best described as ´Southern Blues´and ´Boogie Rock´."
"For starters, the first two songs are excellent examples of these styles, that on the one hand, are characterized by the double-leads of both guitars and on the other hand, by the precision of the bass guitarist and the drummer; all of which form an irrestible ´Groove´. The crown of the entire set is the powerful voice of Mike Argo, who, on the third piece, sounds like Ronnie James Dio. The high point of the Album is ´Billy´, whose guitar-run could have sprung from the Allman Brothers classic: Ín Memory of Elizabeth Reed´; those who don't know this song have missed something. "Billy", as well as "Everybody" gives the two guitarists ample opportunity for extended guitar ´jams´, and in the following "Tromp" and "Eightball" provides very pretty question & answer passages between the two guitars. "Only You" is the only and perhaps somewhat sentimental -but nevertheless nice, ballad of the album. "Freedom Forever" is ok, but is immediately followed by "I-10 Boogie" whose ´southern-feeling´ is also carried by the ´honky-tonk´ piano. In the same basket is "Fooled Again" whose ´riff´ is somewhat reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd's: "Poison Whiskey". A humorous note is provided on a ´hidden track' which sounds like a thirties version of "Everybody" including jazz horns and strong winds.

Nobody should miss this Album, My Recommendation!!"
Janos Wolfart - Düsseldorf, Germany (Apr 5, 2005)

Out of Texas comes a classic 70s Southern Hardrockband called TEXAS CITY REVELATORS. This band is clearly focused on the 70s Rockstyle of bands like LYNYRD SKYNYRD, MOLLY HATCHET, ALLMAN BROTHERS, ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONS and especially THE OUTLAWS. They have that typical 70s Midwestern US sound, and people who like any of the mentioned bands will love the TEXAS CITY REVELATORS. The band has a good singer and their songs are really good like “Eye of the needle”, “Tromp”, “Freedom forever” and “Mama said”.

Recommended to fans of Southern Hardrock!